Rules & Regulations .....

a) Scholarships, Stipends & Concessions

  1. All types of Scholarships and Stipends by the Government and Central Board including Scholarship for the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, other Backward Classes, NIS Sports, District Soldiers and Local bodies and National Loan Scholarships are tenable in the institution.
  2. Scheduled Castes and Backward Class learners enjoy full fee concession.
  3. The School awards certain stipends and fee concession to deserving poor learners.
  4. Fee-concession and Stipends etc. of all categories are liable to be withdrawn if a learner deteriorates in studies or remains irregular in attendance or is found guilty of indiscipline or misconduct.


b) Library Rules:

All the learners are required to abide by the Library rules as mentioned in the School Diary.

c) Examination Rules:

The House Examinations are held as follows:-

  1. For Classes XI and XII, the First Terminal Examination will be held in September, the Second Terminal Examination in December and the Annual Promotion Examination in March. Besides Monthly tests and a Pre-Board Examination at the fag end of the Session is held in January for Class XII.
  2. Class Tests in all the subjects are held very often during the Academic Session.
  3. Learners absenting themselves from the House Examinations or Special Classes or Condition Tests without leave will be strictly dealt with.
  4. The use of unfair means will be strictly dealt with. The Student’s name may even be struck off from the School rolls.

Note: Weightage of 20% will be given to the House Examinations i.e. 10% to Monthly Tests and 10% to Terminal Examination for Class XI. These marks will be added in the Annual Examination by way of Internal Assessment.

d) Leave Rules

  1. Learners must apply for leave, before absenting themselves from the School and must ascertain whether their leave has been sanctioned or not before they go on leave.
  2. A leave application must invariably be signed by the father/guardian of the applicant and sick leave by a well qualified Doctor.
  3. The maximum leave allowed to a learner during the year is 12 days only. Extension of leave without permission will be treated as absence.
  4. Leave upto two days is granted by the Class Incharge and for more than 2 days by the Principal on the recommendation of the Class Incharge.
  5. On the days when a Special Function or an Examination is being held leave is granted only by the Principal.
  6. e) Discipline Rules
  7. Attendance at Morning Prayer Assembly, Social, Cultural and Annual Functions in the School is compulsory for the learners.
  8. The learners must come in time and proper uniform.
  9. Learners are expected to show proper respect to their Teachers, be polite to one another and to show courtesy to the Employees of the School.
  10. Crossing through the lawns or jumping over the flower-beds or the boundary wall or trespassing amount to an act of indiscipline.
  11. No cycling is permitted in the School Premises. All cycles should be placed properly locked in the sheds provided for them. No cycle can be removed from there except with the permission of the Officer on special duty.
  12. Plucking of flowers and entry into the School Garden are strictly forbidden.
  13. Any damage done to the School Furniture or Property will have to be made good by the defaulters.
  14. The Students should live peacefully in the spirit of brotherhood.
  15. If a Student remains absent for three days in a month, his/her Guardian is required to give a written undertaking to this effect that his/her son/daughter/ward will be quite regular in attendance in future.
  16. Any Student found guilty of indecent behavior, foul language in or outside the School premises will be severely dealt with. It may call for expulsion in extreme cases.
  17. No Student is allowed to carry Mobile with him/her.