Admission & Withdrawal:

Admission to various Classes begins in the month of April. However, Registration starts w.e.f.15/03/2017. As per the rules and regulations, the Admission for Classes VI to VIII remains open throughout the year. Admission for Classes IX to XII is open till 31 August subject to the availability of the seats. Outstation learners admitted to the School who don’t want to stay in the Hostel will have to give an undertaking that they will stay with their Parents/ local guardians and ensure punctuality and regularity in the School, otherwise the School will not hold any responsibility for them.

Learners must strictly conform to the School rules of discipline, fees, regularity etc, otherwise their names are liable to be struck off from the rolls. Learners whose names have been removed from the rolls of the School cannot claim readmission as a matter of right.


Policy for Refund of School Fees:

The refund of School Fee will depend upon the stay of the Learner in the Class/School, subject to date of receipt of application, except the fees/charges adjusted/deposited with the Education Department, Chandigarh on the following criteria:

Period of stay in School Eligibility of Refund

  1. 1 day or full month Refund by deducting one month charges on Proportionate basis
  2. 1 month + 1 day Refund by deducting 2 months charges
  3. 2 months + 1 day Refund by deducting 3 months charges
  4. 3 months + 1 day No refund except security

The above mentioned Refund Policy will be further subject to the filling up of total number of seats in each Class as per detail given below:

Sr. No.           Name of Class       Total Seats

  1. VI                        120
  2. VII                       120
  3. VIII                       200
  4. IX                        320
  5. X                        360
  6. XI                        540
  7. X11                      540

In case the seats filled in case of each Class does not exceed the limit specified above, no Refund shall be admissible/made.