The Principal and the School Staff

The School leadership goes beyond administrative and managerial responsibilities to include proactive practices for School transformation to strive for continuous improvement in the area of teaching and learning through pedagogical innovation. The Principal identifies clear targets and formulates predictable improvement strategies thus paving the way for desirable change. The Principal engages all stake holders in developing vision of the School and creation of SDP incorporating innovative techniques and methods.

The sanctioned Grant-in-Aid Staff of the School includes the posts of a Principal, 21 Lecturers, 48 Teachers, 16 Non Teachers, 01 PTI, 03 DPEs and 03 Work Experience Teachers. The Staff of the School is highly qualified with many holding post graduate and doctoral degrees. Each Class is allotted 48 Periods a week with separate allocation of periods for Computer/Library.


Dr. Vibha Ray B.Sc. (Med.), M.A. (Eng), M.Ed., M.Phil (Edu.),

Ph.D (Edu.), UGC (Edu.), TKT (Eng), LLM


2. Suman Sharma (Ms) M.A., M.Phil, B.Ed.
3. Indu Singh (Ms) M.A., B.Ed.
4. Manju Sharma (Ms) M.A., B.Ed.
5. Rajneet Kaur (Ms) M.A., M.Phil, B.Ed.
6. Shiv Kumar Sharma M.A., B.Ed., Prabhakar, OT

(on extension)

7. Satish Kumar Sharma M.A., B.Ed., PGDPM & IR
8. Satish Kumar Sama M.Sc., M.Ed.
9. Asha Anand (Ms) M.Com., M.Phil, B.Ed.
10. Veenu Budhiraja (Ms) M.Sc. (Gold Medalist), M.Phil, B.Ed.


11. Renu Gupta (Ms) M.Sc., B.Ed.
12. Renu Aggarwal (Ms) M.A., B.Ed.
13. Ritu Mehta (Ms) M.A., M.Phil, B.Ed.
14. Sunil Kumar B.P.Ed, M.PEd. Diploma in Sports Coaching
15. Amrish M.Sc., M.Ed.
16. Pooja Handa (Ms) M.A., B.Ed.
17. lnderjit Singh M.A., M.Ed.
18. Arpana Sharma (Ms) M.Sc., B.Ed.
19. Mangla Sharma (Ms) M.Sc., M.Phil, B.Ed.
20. Devendra Kumar M.Sc., M.Phil, B.Ed.
21. Ashok Kumar Sharma M.A., B.Ed.
22 Vacant  
1. Ajay Kumar Dogra B.Sc., M.A.(Maths & Political Science), B.Ed.
2. Parkash Chander


M.A. (Hindi & Sanskrit) Shiksha Shastri, Prabhakar (Hons in Sanskrit & Hindi), B.Ed., O.T
3. Babita Sama (Ms) Giani, O.T., M.A., B.Ed.
4. Balwant Singh Thakur B.Sc., B.Ed.
5. Monika Vohra (Ms) M.Sc. (Hons). B.Ed.
6. Sukhvarsha Jain (Ms) M.A., B.Ed. (on extension)
7. Hardeep Kaur (Ms) B.Sc., M.A., M.Ed.
8. Harjit Kaur Bawa (Ms) M.A., B.Ed.
9. Spardha (Ms.) M.Sc. (Hons). M.Ed.(Gold Medalist)
10. Ravi Kumar Lekhi M.A., B.Ed., Prabhakar
11. Ravinder Pal Malhotra M.Sc. (Hons) (Chem & Math)., M.Ed.
12. Vibha Gupta (Ms) M.Sc. (Hons)., B.Ed.
13. Sonia Dudeja (Ms) M.A., B.Ed.
14. Anju Talwar (Ms) M.A., B.Ed.
15. Ravi Ji Kaw M.Sc., B.Ed.
16. Suvidha Sharma (Ms) M.Sc. (Hons)., M.Ed.
17. Neelam Dogra (Ms) M.A., B.Ed.
18. Vandana (Ms) M.A., B.Ed.
19. Rosy Sharma (Ms) M.A., B.Ed.
20. Jaspal Kaur Bhattal (Ms) B.A., B.Ed.
21. Renu Thakur (Ms) B.A.(Music Vocal), B.Ed.
22. Anju Mehta (Ms) M.Sc., B.Ed.
23. Manisha Bhardwaj (Ms) M.Sc., M.Ed.
24. Sarita Kalia (Ms) M.A., B.Ed.
25. Suman Arora (Ms) M.A., B.Ed.
26. Monika Sandhir (Ms) M.A., B.Ed.
27. Chander Harsh M.Sc., PGDCA, B.Ed.
28. Poonam Sekhri (Ms) M.A., B.Ed.
29. Permila Guleria (Ms) B.A., B.Ed.
30. Pinky Bhatia (Ms) M.A., M.Ed.
31. Anisha Bhadoo (Ms) B.A., B.Ed., L.L.B.
32. Archana (Ms) M.A., B.Ed.
33. Seema Goyal (Ms) M.Sc., B.Ed.
34. Jasdeep Kaur (Ms) M.Sc. (Hons), B.Ed.
35. Neelam (Ms) M.Sc., M.Phil, M.Ed.
36. Shivani B.A., M.C.A, B.Ed., CTET
37. Deepinder Kaur M.A., UGC, M.Ed., CTET
38. Shyam Sunder M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed., NET, CTET, Prabhakar
39. Ritu Sharma M.A., M.Ed., CTET
40. Shiwani Rana M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed. CTET
41. Vacant  
42. Vacant  
43. Vacant  
44. Vacant  

1. Navdeep Kumar Kamboj B.A., B.Ed., B.P.Ed, M.P.Ed.
2. Jaspreet Kashyap M.P.Ed(Gold Medalist) M.Phil, UGC
3. Kulwinder Singh B.A., M.P.Ed., NET, NIS Diploma in Cricket Coaching
1. Anil Kumar Patel B.A. (Fine Arts),

Diploma in Art & Craft

2. Meenu Munjal (Ms.) M.A.(Fine Arts), B.Ed
3. Vacant
1. Shubh Karan B.A., B.Ed., M.P.Ed., M.Phil, Certificate Course in Cricket Coaching
2. Vacant
3. Vacant
4. Vacant

Teach me!
1. Umesh Kumar M.A., MBA, Senior Assistant
2. Pawan Kumar Pal M.B.A., Accountant
3. Ashwani Kumar B.A., Office Assistant
4. Gurdeep Sharma B.A., PGDCA, PGDPM & IR CLERK
5. Sonia Kushal (Ms.) M. Lib., Librarian
6. Archana Sharma (Ms) M.Lib., M.Phil, Asst. Librarian
7. Parveen Kumar B.A., Laboratory Assistant  Biology
8. Ajay Singh Patial +2, Lab Assistant  Chemistry,
9. Anshul Luthra +2, Lab Assistant Physics