Area Of School Campus and Faclities

School Area & Resources


The School Premises and Surroundings The School is centrally located in lush green surroundings, well connected to various parts of the city housed in a building spread over an area of 10 acres and hence facilitates learning in comfortable, stress free and stimulating environment while maintaining high standards of safety, health & hygiene. There are ample clean and well maintained open and built spaces providing free movement of learners along with assembly ground having a well built prayer stage and well maintained gardens. Repairs are regularly undertaken to ensure proper maintenance of the School Premises.

Ambience of the School The School provides a stimulating environment for learning with Mantras written on the walls, pictures of legends produced by the School and trophies won by the School on display, a mural depicting various fields of learning and Map of India engraved on the ground showing different physical features of India. There is Shubharambh at the entrance throwing light on the historical journey of the School from its establishment in Lahore. The portrait of Swami Dayanand Saraswati on the outer wall of the Library inspires the Students to adopt his principles in their daily lives.


Classrooms All the 52 Classrooms have adequate space for learners and group work and other activities with each classroom having sufficient number of benches and chairs for learners and lockers/cupboards for Teachers. Every Classroom has good ventilation and provides an attractive environment for the learners.

Others Rooms The School has a separate spacious, well ventilated and well maintained Administrative Block to enable the parents to meet the administrative staff easily. The Administrative Block is adjoining the separate Seminar Room and the Principal’s Office. Separate rooms for Art, NCC, Music etc have also been allocated to encourage Students to participate in co-curricular activities. There are also separate rooms for Co-ordinators and Counsellor. There are also additional rooms to be used as stores and other miscellaneous purposes.


Laboratories: The School has all the required Laboratories like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, General Science, Mathematics and Multi Subject Laboratories which are well equipped so that every learner is given an opportunity to conduct all the prescribed experiments. Running Water and Electric Supply is ensured in all the Laboratories. The Teachers also use them to conduct experiments simultaneously while transacting the relevant topics in their respective Classes. Many laboratories were upgraded in the last academic session

Electricity and Gadgets: All the rooms have adequate electric lights and fans with MCBs in place to prevent fire due to short circuit. All electrical and electronic equipment are regularly checked and well maintained. The School has its own 11 KV Transformer installed in the School Premises. The School has a special Electrical Gadgets Laboratory for the regular maintenance of all the gadgets.

The School also has a Public Address System in place.

Computers and Internet Facility Under the vocational course scheme of CBSE, the department of Computer Science was established in 1987-88. The School has a Computer Room with sufficient number of computers with Internet access having upto date adequate digital teaching learning material and softwares. It also caters to the needs of learners opting for Computer Science as a subject in Classes XI & XII and learners studying SUPW in Secondary Classes. The Teachers also use computers in the assessment of learners.

RMSA has also sponsored the setting up of an ICT Lab under ICT @ School Scheme in which 10 Desktop Computers, one Multimedia Projector and one Printer cum Scanner are being installed.

Multimedia Media Conference Hall The School has two Spacious Air conditioned Multimedia Conference Halls which provide comfortable environment for various functions, seminars and interactive sessions. The Halls also provide an opportunity to the learners to watch National Level Telecasts and educational CD’s, videos and movies.

Mid-Day-Meal and Dining Hall The School receives Mid-day-Meal_under the Govt. Sponsored Scheme and provides adequate space for learners to have their Mid-day-Meal with proper sitting arrangement. Helpers (Ayas) distribute the food under the supervision of the designated Teachers. The Helpers (Ayas) are properly dressed with Head Covers, Aprons and Gloves.There is sufficient space to store utensils which are thoroughly cleaned after every use. All efforts are made to maintain hygiene and designated Teachers regularly supervise the Mid-Day-Meal Programme. Ms. Jasdeep Kaur is the Incharge of Mid-day-Meal.

Water Sprinklers in the Playgrounds: 40 water sprinklers have been fitted in the playgrounds to keep them lush green during the whole year. Maximum rain water is utilized for this purpose.

Ramp  The School has a well maintained Ramp with hand rails, non slippery walking surface which provides effortless access to children with special needs.

Yajna Shala A beautiful Yajna Shala has been constructed to inculcate Vedic Values and promote the Vedic way of life. Learners start their day seeking Almighy’s blessings by performing environment friendly Yajna based on scientific principles.

Drinking Water The School ensures regular supply of purified drinking water. Retrofitting of drinking water facilities is done for maintenance and purification. Cleanliness around drinking water facilities is also ensured.

Hand Wash Facilities Adequate number of handwash outlets are available which are cleaned daily. All efforts are made to sensitize students for the need to regularly wash their hands.

Restrooms Separate Restrooms with toilet seats and urinals for boys and girls are available in sufficient number. All the toilets are well maintained with regular supply of water. Cleaning of toilets is undertaken regularly in order to maintain hygiene.

Canteen and Juice Bar Facilities of Canteen and Juice Bar to cater to refreshment needs of the School Staff and Students are also available which provide nutritious food and a variety of fresh fruit juices. The quality of food products and hygienic conditions are ensured by taking requisite steps.

Eco Friendly Projects: Under the aegis of Indian Council for Environment Education, the School is practically implementing the programmes and concepts which lead to sustainable development. At present the following Eco Friendly Projects like Rain Water Harvesting, Sprinklers System,Drip Irrigation System,Vermiculture Bio-Technology,Vermiwash (Liquid Manure),Eco-friendly methods of Composting and Green House are successfully running in the School campus.

Parking Ample parking space is provided for Staff and Students to park their vehicles.

Incentives A number of Incentives like free Text Books, Scholarships, Special concessions for talented Sports and Culturally talented Students are available. Scheme for Pre and Post-Matric Scholarship for Students belonging to the Minority Communities and other Scholarships offered by Education Department from time to time are also available.

Play Grounds and Sports Equipment/Materials Playgrounds of adequate sizes are available within School Premises along with availability of Sports facilities, equipment and material for a variety of games. Learners participate in a variety of Sports in a planned manner at State, National and International Levels. The School maintains inventories of all equipment and replenishes material as and when necessary. Coaching for games like Cricket, Hockey, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Athletics, Archery and Karate is available. The facility of coaching under Sports Authority of India is also available in the School presently for Football, Volleyball and Hockey. A modern Gym with all possible facilities has been constructed in the Hari Ram Hostel

This School has carved a niche for itself in Sports and has been winning the overall Trophy in U.T. Inter – School Tournament each year for over four decades (46 years). This has been achieved by constant maintenance of infrastructure of National Standards under the guidance of dedicated team of Teachers. The achievements in Sports are self-explanatory of the availability of facilities for the Sports students. Vijayant Malik (Lawn Tennis), Ajay Yadav (Lawn Tennis), Sachin Chaudhary (Asian Handball Player), Atul Kumar (Asian Handball Player), Raghu Gurung (Handball) and Kunal Kurl (Handball) are some of the prominent players of the School who have earned a name for themselves in the field of Sports.

Regular trials are held by the SAI Coaches in the Playgrounds. The Playgrounds are also being used by the Education Department, Chandigarh Administration for holding matches and is also used as a resource for society. Any Student who takes admission till 31 May can  participate directly in School State Games while special permission will be required for a Student who wishes to participate but has taken admission after 31 May. However, Students of Class XI who have taken admission till 31 July can also participate directly in the School State Games.

Hari Ram Hostel

There is a provision of Hari Ram Hostel in the School Campus which provides a home away from home for two hundred Students. The environment of the Hostel is not only very homely but also stimulating which ensures physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development of the learners. A well maintained air conditioned modern dining hall and a hygienic kitchen ensures nutritious food. A disciplined environment with regular time for Academic Activities and Recreational Activities ensures all-round development of the Students. All efforts are made to provide a compassionate and caring environment so that the learners feel safe and secure.

For School Hostel a separate Prospectus is available and Hostel Dues can be checked from there.

D.A.V. Cricket Academy The School runs a renowned D.A.V. Cricket Academy which has proved to be a nursery for many cricketers of international repute like Kapil Dev, Chetan Sharma, Yograj Singh, Yuvraj Singh, Ashok Malhotra, Dinesh Mongia, V.R.V. Singh, Prashant Chopra, Manan Vohra etc. The Academy provides ample opportunities to budding cricketers to hone their cricketing skills by providing world class training facilities. Regular practice sessions are held in the morning and evening under expert coaches. The budding cricketers display their cricketing skills in the Tournaments held regularly at State and National levels. They are also benefited by regular visits of eminent Cricketers who come to visit the Academy in order to give useful tips to them.

Gymnasium: A Gymnasium with all modern facilities and equipments has been provided for Players and Hostel Students. Students train here under the able guidance of Coaches.

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