Sabhas and Clubs

Science Club To develop scientific attitude among all learners, the Science Club provides opportunities to the learners to work on Science Projects and prepare Science Models. These projects and models prepared by the School learners are displayed in the Science Fair organized by SIE, Sector 32, Chandigarh and in various other Inter-School Science Exhibitions. Ms. Renu Gupta, Ms. Arpana, Ms. Hardeep Kaur, Ms. Spardha and Ms. Neelam are the Incharges of this Club.

Vibhakar – The School Magazine The Annual School Magazine Vibhakar is taken up as a project. A Creative Writing Workshop is organized every year to teach learners the art of writing articles, stories and poems in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Sanskrit. Subject experts guide learners to write articles related to History, Geography, Economics, Commerce, Sports and Science. Learners are also trained in the art of composition and cartooning. The magazine is thus a team work of learners and Teachers. Members of Creative Writing Club work together for the School Magazine. The Members of Editorial Board are: Ms. Pooja Handa for English, Ms. Anju Talwar for Hindi, Mr Ashok Kumar for Punjabi, Ms. Suman Arora for Sanskrit and    Mr. Anil Patel for Drawing. The Chief Editor of the Vibhakar Magazine is     Ms. Monika Sandhir

Music and Dance Club The Music Club of the School provides multiple opportunities to talented learners to hone their skills at various platforms viz Inter School, Intra School and State Level Platforms where they often win prizes. The School has provided a well furnished Music Room with all the needed Music Instruments where the learners are trained under the able guidance of Ms. Renu Thakur, Incharge of this Club. Trainers who are experts in their fields are also hired from outside.

Art and Drawing Club This Club provides excellent opportunities to the learners to refine their aesthetic skills and creative expression through art, drawing and decoration. Various Intra School and Inter School Competitions provide a platform for learners to embark on the journey of self discovery and improvement through the medium of art. Mr. Anil Patel and Ms. Meenu Munjal are the Incharges of this Club.

Arya Kumar Sabha

This Society provides training to the learners in Public speeches, debates and spiritual activities related to Arya Samaj. It not only inculcates amongst them the most desired secular values essential for happy and peaceful co-existence but also gives practical training to initiate the learners on the path of spiritual growth. Ms. Suman Arora is the Incharge of this Sabha.

Dayanand Eco Club Through organization of Quizzes, Poster making Competitions, Save Energy Campaigns, Tree Plantation Drives etc. this Club creates awareness among the learners regarding global problems like Depletion of Ozone layer, Global Warming, Harmful Effects of Plastic etc. Mr. Chander Harsh is the Incharge of this Club.

Arya Vidya Sabha This Sabha is responsible for the participation of learners in various Competitions related to Moral Education conducted by Arya Samaj or D.A.V. Managing Committee, New Delhi. A large number of learners participate in these Competitions. This Sabha also helps in the organization of various events under the aegis of DAVCMC, New Delhi.  Mr. Parkash Chander Sharma is the Incharge of this Sabha.

Young Speaker’s Association To develop the talent of public speaking among the learners, discussions, debates and declamation contests are held from time to time. Ms. Sarita Kalia for Hindi, Mrs. Archana for English, Ms. Babita Sama and Ms. Harjeet Kaur for Punjabi are the Conveners of this association.

Press Club The School has a Press Club which is committed to reporting all the events of the School to the leading Newspapers of the City. The Club runs under Ms. Rajneet Kaur and Ms Ritu Sharma.

Scouting The scouting activities are encouraged among the learners who participate in scouting camps organized by Hindustan Scouts and Guides.


Society for the Prevention of Cruelty towards Animals To develop humanitarian attitude among the learners, the Society is being run under the guidance of Ms. Suman Sharma. Ms. Arpana Sharma is the Incharge of this Society.

Peace Club The main aim of this Club is to facilitate the use of non violence as a means of conflict resolution and to prepare learners for greater life challenges. With active participation of several NGOs, the Club holds interactive sessions with foreign delegates whenever possible. The learners also participate in various activities like Poster Making Competition, Exchange of Greeting Cards with Neighbouring Countries, playing of friendly Cricket Matches, Cultural exchange Programmes etc. Ms. Ritu Sharma is the Incharge of this Club.

Young Explorers Club This inculcates the spirit of adventure and self learning among the learners. Educational Visits, Tours and Excursions are organized by this Club. Mr. Ravi Lekhi is the Incharge of this Club.