At D.A.V. Sr. Sec. School (Lahore), we adopt a systematic approach towards School Development Planning in which we involve all the stake holders including Principal, Students, Teachers, Parents, Representatives of NGOs, Educational Officers and Field Functionaries. The School is evaluated scientifically in an objective manner against set standards as an essential pre-requisite for achieving a holistic improvement of the  School in the process of providing quality education to every child that enters the School. Hence in our scientific endeavour to ensure that “Each child must learn”, we work as a team to provide   safe, happy, healthy, compassionate and well equipped child centered environment for the development of every child.

Enabling Learning Environment, Classroom Transaction and Learners’ Assessment Teachers make meticulous efforts to design suitable learning experiences and use a variety of teaching learning strategies to enhance learning in a systematic manner addressing the individual needs, learning style and strengths of learners. The Teachers design lessons to make the teaching learner centric through interactive environment in the Classroom by integrating the use of local community resources, ICT support material, laboratories etc. with the lessons. Teachers and learners collectively decide on classroom management. The seating arrangement is flexible and learners sit as per the needs of the activities they are engaged in. The Teachers individually and collectively, continuously analyze the learners’ past assessment records and link it with current achievement levels and provide feedback on progress with follow-up measures for improvement.

Perfecting Professional Proficiency The Principal and the Staff collectively make continuous efforts to identify their potential and develop their skills through a systematic and democratic approach to performance review. The School creates opportunities to discuss and reflect upon the changing curricular expectations and its implications on their current Classroom practices. In service trainings, Seminars and Workshop are regularly held for development of Teaching Learning Material (TLM). All the Staff Members also attend minimum six Workshop/Seminars in a year to update their teaching skills and some also act as Resource Persons for various Workshops held from time to time. The Teachers set their own performance goals and share responsibilities through group consultation. Teacher’s performance is continuously monitored and supported to facilitate the overall development of the School. Provision is also made for orientation of new Teachers to the School Environment.

Approach to Learners and Learning

The School aims at holistic development of the learners by developing them in the cognitive, affective as well as psychomotor domains. The learners are encouraged to participate in several Scholastic areas and Co-scholastic areas to ensure all round development.


Scholastic Areas:

Monitoring of Attendance Attendance data of all the learners is analyzed regularly and measures are evolved to motivate learners and parents to ensure punctuality and regularity of attendance. The Students attending School regularly are suitably rewarded. Mr. R.P. Malhotra is Incharge of monitoring of attendance for Classes VI to X, Mr. Amrish Thakur for Class XI and Mr. Shiv Kumar for Class XII.

Monitoring of Academic Activity  A disciplined environment is maintained to ensure proper learning environment for the Students To ensure discipline, Teachers are assigned special duties of corridor discipline. 40 Close circuit cameras have been fixed in the corridors, playgrounds, library, main gate etc. to ensure safety and surveillance of the learners. A Discipline Committee headed by Mr. Sunil Kumar, Mr. Shubhkaran, Mr. Ashok Sharma, Mr. Navdeep, Ms. Jaspreet and Mr. Kulwinder look after the discipline in the School. Coordinated efforts are made to ensure that the School runs in a disciplined way so that proper environment for teaching and learning is maintained.

Activity Based Homework Activity Based Home work is an essential part of Academic Activity. All subject-Teachers ensure that Home Work is assigned and checked without fail. Maximum stress is laid on this aspect. Academic Coordinators are appointed to supervise the classroom teaching. The Principal gets feedback from the Academic Coordinators and proper follow-up is ensured. We have developed an in-built mechanism of checks and counterchecks so that not even a single Student is left out of the classroom activities. Mrs. Shivani Rana for Classes VI-VIII, Mrs. Sukhvarsha Jain for Classes IX & X, Mr. Ashok Sharma for Class XI and Mrs Manju Sharma for Class XII are the Coordinators of Home work.

Evaluation of the Students The School follows the system of evaluation as  per the guidelines of C.B.S.E. The focus is on the all round development of the learners. A number of activities are taken up in the Classes throughout the year to encourage the learners to express themselves.

Note: Any change recommended by C.B.S.E. is strictly followed.

Monthly Tests Monthly Tests/Class Tests are held in the months of August and November for Classes XI & XII.

Terminal Examinations Two Terminal Examinations are held in the months of September and December for Classes XI & XII.

Follow up of Examination/Tests The School tracks and monitors each learner’s progress across subjects and co-scholastic areas over a period of time keeping in mind the differential pace of learning of learners.

Results and reports of Monthly Tests and Terminal Examinations are collected and analyzed by a group of Teachers. Comparative study of the results is made to judge the academic performance of each learner. The team of Teachers prepares lists of Weak learners and their weaknesses and suggests relevant steps for improvement. This way a balanced approach is adopted to monitor the whole exercise of test and result.

Learner’s Personal File Personal File of each learner is maintained by the Class Incharge. Complete record related to the examination is kept in this file. During PTA Meeting, Class Incharge shows the record of the learners to the Parents and discusses strengths and weaknesses of the wards. This helps in establishing a better coordination between the Teachers and Parents. Efforts are also made to ensure learners’ personal and social development by evaluating the information in their Personal File compiled with the help all the subject Teachers.

Special Group Teaching for Learners The cumulative data base of progress of learners is used to identify progress pattern and trends for groups of learners. The finding of such analysis is incorporated into the feedback in classroom practice to achieve the aspired goals. All the learners are offered and encouraged to attend extra classes specially held to improve the academic performance of the learners. Mr. Satish Sharma, Incharge of Senior Secondary Classes, Mr. Ravi Lekhi, Incharge of Secondary Classes and Mr. Balwant, Incharge of Middle Classes make arrangements for Special Group Teaching for them. Special Classes are also held in between examinations to ensure effective Preparation for the exams. Our experience shows that this method has helped in improving the academic performance of the learners every year.

Moral Education In this School special ‘Ved Path’ period is allotted to each class in order to provide spiritual training to the learners. The learners appear in Ved Path Test along with other subjects. Learners are provided opportunities to imbibe Vedic Values and adopt Vedic way of life through participation in Shaloka Uchcharan, Lectures, Bhajan Sandhaya, Shobha Yatra and regular visits to Arya Samaj.

Co-Scholastic Areas

The School integrates life skills development with day to day Classroom transactions to promote creative and critical thinking, problem solving and decision making, communication and interpersonal skills. It provides number of opportunities to learners to hone their talent in number of co-scholastic areas.

House System The whole strength of the School has been grouped into four Houses, competing with each other. The Houses are : Vivekananda House, Dayanand House, Hans Raj House and Tagore House. The House System ensures participation of each and every learner in different co-curricular activities. The weekly duties carried out by each House include thought for the Day & News readout by a learner in the Morning Assembly. Ms. Pinki Bhatia is the Incharge of the House System.


Students’ Council The Students’ Council is a body of Learners working under the guidance of the School Co-ordinators. The purpose of this Council is to enable the learners to embark on the journey of self discovery through introspection and contemplation and hence, recognize their inner strengths and weaknesses. The learners get an opportunity not only to imbibe new skills and knowledge but also apply them in real life situations. The members of the Council influence their peers in a manner which helps them to move towards self actualization and shoulder their responsibilities as learners. The Council selects a Head Boy/Girl and also a Vice Head Boy/Girl. This body becomes operative in August and also contributes in almost every function organized in the School.

This Council provides ample opportunities to the learners to develop inherent talent of organizational capability. Leadership quality is polished and enhanced. The Council works under the supervision of Ms. Permila Guleria.

Cultural Society This society organizes and participates in the Cultural activities. Every year an All India Inter-School Cultural Week is organized during which Competitions like Sanskrit Shaloka Recitation, English Declamation, Hindi Declamation, Punjabi Kavita Path, Mono-Acting and Skit, Hindi Debate, Bhajan Solo song, Group Song, Quwali, Group Dance and Orchestra Competitions are held. More than 1000 learners from different Schools of North India participate in these Competitions which are being held continuously for the last 46 years. Mr. Parkash Chander Sharma is the President, Mrs. Anju Talwar is the Vice President, Mr. Shiv Kumar and Mrs.Suvidha Sharma are the Secretaries and Mrs. Suman Arora and Mrs. Monika Sandhir are the Joint Secretaries of this Society. The following Competitions are held during Cultural Week:

  1. Maharishi Dayanand Memorial Sanskrit Shaloka Uchcharan Competition
  2. Principal Milkhi Ram Mahajan Memorial Hindi Poetry Recitation Competition
  3. Lala Suraj Bhan Memorial English Declamation Contest
  4. Mahatma Hansraj Memorial Hindi Debate Competition
  5. Sir Bakhshi Tek Chand Memorial Hindi Declamation Competition
  6. Giani Jominder Singh Memorial Punjabi Poetry Recitation
  7. Pandit Nanak Chand Memorial Dramatics & Mono Acting Contest
  8. Justice P.C.Pandit Memorial (Folk Song,Classical Vocal & Instrumental) Music Contest
  9. Principal Hari Ram Memorial (Bhajan, Group Song & Orchestra) Music Contest
  10. Darbarilal (Quawali & Group Dance) Music Contest


Inclusion, Health and Safety

The School strongly believes in inclusion of children with diverse backgrounds into the ambit of Schooling. It responds to the needs of all children with varying abilities and backgrounds by coordinating with various agencies to provide support to ensure the progress of Children with Special Needs. Diversity of learners in terms of values, caste, creed, culture, gender and economic background is respected.

Reservation for EWS As per the directions of Education Department, Chandigarh Administration applications for admission are accepted under EWS category and the candidates are selected on `first come, first served’ basis as per the decision of the School Authorities. Any person having annual income less than Rs. One lakh fifty thousand per annum may avail the facility of admission of his/her child/ward under the 25% Reservation quota seats meant for economically weaker section. Mrs. Indu Singh is Incharge of holding regular surveys to identify children from Economically Weaker Section and motivating them to attend School regularly.

Physical Safety The School undertakes awareness building exercises on disaster management with Seminars and Workshops being regularly held to sensitize learners on not only disaster safety measures and precautions but also on traffic rules and regulations. The School also regularly checks that transport arrangement is safe for learners.

Health Club This Club promotes basic understanding about health among learners. It encourages physical fitness and participation in health and wellness activities. This Club works under the supervision of Mr. Amrish and Ms. Seema Goyal. The Club also conducts orientation programmes on health, hygiene and sanitation. Regular Health Check up camps are also organized and guardians are advised about health related problems noticed amongst learners. It also distributes medicines received from various departments to all the learners

Health Clinic A qualified doctor medically examines Students and the reports of the serious cases are sent to their parents. Mrs. Neelam and Mr. Parveen Kumar are the Incharges of Health Clinic.

Disaster Management Club The School runs a Disaster Management Club for Classes IX & X. The main aim of this Club is to make the learners aware of the different ways to handle any disaster so as to ensure their own safety. The Club performs different activities throughout the year under the guidance of Ms. Ritu Mehta and Ms. Ritu Sharma.

Psychological Safety The School adopts structured approach to ensure emotional safety of all learners through dialogue and discussion, programmes on adolescent education, regular one on one counselling sessions,redressal of complaints and grievances etc.

Rights of the Child Our School ensures and follows various guidelines for Rights of the Child. Various associations have been formed and activities are held within the School throughout the year to make the children aware of their Rights and Duties and to ensure their overall development at the same time. Learners are allowed to set their own pace of learning and are given every possible remedial support.

The School has number of Committees like Child Right Committee (CRC) on Corporal Punishment Committee, Prevention of Sexual Harassment Committee and Grievance Redressal Cell to ensure that learners get a conducive environment for learning.

Guidance & Counselling All the learners of the School are provided with educational, vocational and personal guidance as per the specific needs depending upon their age group, development stage and future challenges. The services of the person on special duty of Guidance and Counselling are available. The School has started innovative Parenting by Teacher Sessions in which each teacher is assigned 25 learners for parenting and guidance. Under this scheme Teachers meet individual learners after every two weeks for personalized sessions of counselling during which an effort is made to understand the socio-cultural and economic background of learners and their learning needs. They are also available for day to day guidance and support for the Students whom they parent. These Sessions also help Teachers assess learners’ attitudes, motivation and interest in learning. Hence unconditional compassion and acceptance form the basis of our philosophy to help our learners evolve into complete human beings.

Legal Service Society To create awareness among the learners about their fundamental duties and access to justice for all, a Legal Service Society has been constituted. Principal Dr. Vibha Ray and Mr. Inderjit Singh are its President and Secretary respectively.

Productive Community Participation

The School actively engages the community to ensure optimal utilization of the School Resources, holistic development of learners and better management of the School. The SMC meets regularly to identify and prioritize development needs and jointly prepares the SDP with the Teachers and monitors its implementation. The School also reaches out to other sources such as NGOs, Corporate Bodies, Alumni etc. to mobilize resources. It also undertakes activities for the benefit of Community like Literacy Drive, Cleanliness Drive, Blood Donation Camp etc. Various facilities available in the School for effective community participation are

Old Students Association The School has launched the project of D.A.V. Senior Secondary School Old Students Association, popularly known as D.A.VSOSA in order to refresh the memories of old days spent by the learners in the School and organize activities for the betterment of the School. Apart from this, it provides a platform where old Students get an opportunity to share their rich experiences in multifarious fields of creativity and practical life which go a long way in motivating and inculcating a sense of belongingness in learners.

National Social Service Scheme This is the Government sponsored scheme implemented by the School. In our School 200 learners get enrolled as NSS cadets. These cadets are engaged in different social activities like Desilting of Sukhna Lake, holding Literacy Campaigns in villages, organizing Blood Donation Camps, spreading awareness against Social Evils like Female Foeticide and Drug Abuse and other such activities like door to door awareness about Pulse Polio and organizing lectures on Traffic Rules, Saving Water etc. Mr. Satish Kumar Sama and Mr. Ajay Dogra are its Programme Officers.

National Cadet Corps This is a well known Government sponsored scheme meant to provide military training to the learners. In our School there are three Army, Air and Naval Wings. Under this scheme various trainings provide for inculcation of values of unity and discipline. The Cadets also develop a sense of belongingness and become ready to contribute towards Nation and Society.   Mr. Ashok Kumar is the First Officer Army Wing, Mr. Anil Patel is the Second Officer Air Wing and Mr. Shubh Karan is the Third Officer Naval Wing.

Parent-Teacher Meeting Parent Teacher Meetings are arranged regularly and Parents are informed about the result of the learners and a definite follow-up is ensured. Home Visits are also arranged if required. Mr. Satish Sharma, the Registrar of Examination is responsible for the smooth arrangement of PTA meeting.

Other Miscellaneous Activities The School organizes other activities like Hawans at villages, participation in functions of Arya Samaj and distribution of handmade Thanks Giving Cards to Public Servants.

Scheme of Studies   The School is recognized and aided by U.T. Administration, Chandigarh. The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi for All India Secondary School and Senior School Certificate Examination under 10+2 pattern of Education. The School Affiliation Number is 2630016 and the School Code is 04822.


Secondary Classes (IX & X)

(A) Class IX: Language-I: English (A/B Level), Language-II: Hindi/Punjabi/Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Social Science, Work Experience, Art Education, Health and Physical Education.

(B) Class X: Language-I: English (A/B Level), Language-II: Hindi/Punjabi/Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Social Science, Work Experience, Art Education, Health and Physical Education.

(C) In All-India Secondary Examination, It is compulsory for a learner to pass all the 5 subjects to qualify the examination, as per C.B.S.E. Rules.







School Uniform:

It is obligatory for all the learners to come to School in the prescribed uniform. Learners without proper uniform will not be allowed to attend Classes. The Parents are requested to co-operate with us by impressing upon their wards the compliance with this requirement. The Uniform is as follows:

S.Kumar’s K670- Trousers for boys and Tunics for girls (with box pleats)

S.Kumar’s K204 (Honda City): Shirt both for boys and girls with School logo and buttons bearing D.A.V.(Lahore)